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Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny

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Mothers Milk - 

A Creamy, Smooth, Sweet, Succulent, flavor morphing liquid, you never know what tantalizing flavor will hit you next. Welcome to your new addiction!

Flavor Profile: Cream, Strawberry, Milk


This wicked flavor packed juice will Derail your taste buds. It’s a spicy, sweet, sexy concoction that will leave you begging for more. * Caution – Slippery when wet! If you find yourself DeraileD on the floor, you’ll know why!

Flavor Profile: Snicker doodle Cookie, Cinnamon, Banana


She might not be the Godmother of melons, but this juice certainly is. She is the Godmother of Saints, and this juice will leave you feeling enlightened!

Flavor Profile: Cream, Melon


The O.B.
She is a rich and creamy vape with so many layers! O.B. (Original Bunny) is the new flavor from Suicide Bunny that has everyone talking!  

Flavor Profile: Sweet Cream, Cake??


Sucker Punch
This vape is like being out on a date with a wicked, hot woman. To your surprise, her crazy ex comes up and sucker punches you in the mouth! This juice is something a little wicked, and a little sweet.

Flavor Profile: Cream, Mixed Fruit

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid comes in 30 ml glass bottles only.

Made in the USA

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