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MousPiz DripTips

Marshmallow MousPiz

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MousPiz Driptips for Atomizers

Made from 100% Teflon Material, liquid are not able to stick on the surface, therefor you can enjoy the full flavor from your juice without the taste of steel or plastic, that feeling you get with other driptips. Plus its easier to clean, leaving your driptip always clean and bright white.

It is a heat resistant material, will not transfer heat from your atomizer, so you can enjoy your vape without getting that heat burn on your lips from the drip tip.

Adding to the unique shape, the material is soft on the lips, will make you feel like eating a marshmallow on every vape, making you wished that you could actually eat it...


Has a wide bore, for increased flavor and vapor production, its shaped just like the mini marshmallows, guaranteed you will not want to remove them from your lips...

Material : TEFLON
Diameter : 12mm
Height : 11mm


Smaller in size, but never underestimate small things, this lil bad boy is designed with a reduced chamber system, known to increase flavor production on every vape...

Material : TEFLON
Diameter : 10mm
Height : 13mm

Marhsmallow MousPiz DripTips

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