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Milk Monsta Juice

The Forbidden Juice Co.

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Milk Monsta, Got Milk Juice? Forbidden Juice Company

Perfect balance for your all day vape juice, these milk monstaz are best to be vaped one after the other in sequence.

Milk Strawberry Monsta
Milk Strawberry Monsta
A perfect blend of fresh milk and all your loved berries with a highlight of your favorite sweet strawberries and Bavarian cream.

Milk Melon Monsta
Milk Melon Monsta
An artisan blend of cantaloupe and honeydew melon milkshake. Rich and creamy, with natural sweetness from the melon, with a hint of honey.

Milk Banana Monsta
Milk Banana Monsta
Sweet creamy taste of banana cake and fresh milk, with a dash of vanilla ice cream on the side. Taste the milky flavor on the inhale and smooth banana crunch on the exhale.

Forbidden Juice Milk Monsta

VG50 | PG50
Comes in 6mg, 30ml bottles

Ingredients are made in the USA

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