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King's Crown

Suicide Bunny

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By the makers of Suicide Bunny.


Bound by the Crown

We all have a vice; something that keeps calling us back for more. Bound By The Crown is a twist on traditional fruit flavors. This liquid will bind you with its perfect balance of sweet custard, spice, and ripened stone fruits.

Claim Your Throne

Never stop, never settle; those of us who seek perfection will find it. With this liquid you will
certainly claim your throne as you experience a perfect blend of sweet creams, butterscotch, and brown sugar.

Fight Your Fate

I think certain moments in time are fixed, perfect, precious moments…. This beautifully crafted liquid will wrap you in tart lemons and sweet ripe strawberries. When fate hands us lemons…we make lemonade.

The King

Real kings and queens are people whose heads are crowned with dreams as they sit on the throne of passion. The King is a sophisticated liquid birthed from imagination and dedication. It is a perfectly balanced, complex experience infused with notes of…you’ll have to figure this out…


Made in Texas, USA.

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