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Delivery by Gojek

Want your product in your hands today? No problemo...
We will deliver straight to your door same day service. Get out of the traffic hustle and bustle in the city of Jakarta, save money on transport, and most important, time, like most Jakarta-nians say, "Go by car, and get old on the road". Be wiser, have them delivered instantly to your doorstep at the time that is most convenient to you.

Indovape Delivery Gojek
Contact us on WhatsApp or SMS, or call us on 08222 0936 888.

You can arrange the GoJek pick up, or we can arrange it for you. Simply provide us the location and delivery time that is most suitable for you. Anywhere in DKI Jakarta area, where available. 

Delivery times : 9am to 12am midnight

Payment must be paid prior to having your product sent out to you
Delivery costs will be paid by you upon receiving the goods.
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