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Newbie? No problemo

Indovape is proud to introduce this new device for you. Features a built in Charger unit, new style button and a display LCD to show how much battery you have left. What else? You can vape while its charging, and you can adjust the voltage to give you the perfect vape as you desire. You are in control of your device. Vaping doesnt get any easier than this...


To have a complete starter vaping setup, first you need a power source or a vaping device, a sample is the EVOD V pictured below...

Evod V

Size (mAh)
The biggest differences are simply size (mAh) and voltage type (variable/fixed).
The mAh ratings in simple terms is : the amount of vape time.
You can kinda use the rule of thumb that 650mAh can last up to 6 hours, 900mAh lasts roughly 9 hours, and 1100mAh can last 11 hours. Depends on how much you vape of course and some other variables like resistance of the head. It's not a bad estimate though.

Variable Voltage
Variable voltages are really popular and for good reasons. Being able to dial your voltage means you can get an optimal vape with any head or juice. Think of the variable dial as a volume knob on a radio. Want more flavor and vapor? Just turn it up. Going to bed and want a nice light vape? Just turn it down.

Some devices has a passthru capability. Meaning that you dont have to unplug your device, and leaving you not being able to vape for a few hours while you are waiting for your device to fully charge. With a Passthru device, you can vape while you are charging your device.

Kanger Mini Protank 3






Next you must have a tank, to fill the liquid where the liquid that will vaporize it and turn it into Vapor. A sample of a tank is one below. Its also known as an Atomizer or Clearomizer tank.





Yup, I still dont understand...
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