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Cut Cotton


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Japanese Grown 100% Organic Unbleached Cotton Square Pads
Vape Wick Pads for rebuildable RDA/RBAs

Try out the Cut Cotton by Bombertech! 100% Japanese Grown Organic Unbleached Cotton Pads. No need to boil and clean this wick, use it right out of the package! Can be used for Microcoil setups, this is a very absorbent cotton that can last three to four times longer than using cotton balls.

Treat yourself to a better and much safer vapor experience from your rebuildable atomizer by using Organic Cotton. It has a better liquid transfer rate, generates a more finely dispersed vapor cloud (depending on your coil building skills). This is a better delivery method for taste and body.

Cut Cotton Features:

  • This cotton is unbleached and you can still see parts of the stem and fruit of the plant
  • Produced without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • A single cotton pad is comprised of 4 layers and it's overall size is very thin, making it great for absorbing
  • 100% Organic & Food Grade
  • No coating and is unbleached
  • Superior flavor and vapor size
  • Cleaner throat hit

It is a superior alternative compared to silica thread. Silica thread when burned produces needle like fragments. These fragments can damage your lungs and irritate the throat and esophagus.


Bomber Cut Cotton by BomberTech™

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