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Taifun vs Kayfun

Alot of newbies who want to step up in the vaping game, being satisfied using their Clearomizer, would go thru a list of Rebuildable Atomizers and ask, which one is better? Kayfun or Taifun? Fogger v4? or Genesis types? What are Genesis types?

Basically, there are 2 types of Rebuildable Atomizers. Also known as RBA.

- Genesis Types
- Silica Type

Is it hard to use? Not really, once you learn how to use it, generally you can pick it up from Youtube. A lot of people learn off Youtube. It is the media where we learn what is good and what is not and how to rebuild. Which one is better? Genesis or Silica types? By seeing what has been popular in the market, Silica type wins. Why? It does not leak everywhere, if you accidentally put it on a horizontal position while its in your bag or wherever it may be. You will not come back to your precious mod, and see Juice all over your bag or bed or car seat... Trust me, it happened to me alot of times, and it really sucked to have a Genesis type. (I apologize deeply for this statement... sorry to Genesis lovers***). Silica types are Kayfun, Taifun GT family, Fogger v4, Expromizer, Rose and a few more. With all of these Silica types of RBAs available in the market, which ones do we recommend? From our experience, it comes down to two best of the best : Taifun GT and Kayfun.

Ok, so Taifun or Kayfun. Lets compare these two types.

Which one looks better? Depends. You would want one that will flush nicely with your mod.

Depending on the mod that you have, you should measure the diameter of your mod, and match it to the atomizers, here are the dimensions below :

  • Kayfun 22mm
  • Taifun GT 23mm

Does this really matter? Not really, but some, or may I say, I, prefer ones that will flush and sit nicely and perfectly on the mod. If I had an Evic Joyetech or a Chi You mod which has a 23mm, I would prefer using a Taifun GT. Same way goes with a 22mm mod, such as a Stingray, or Nemesis mod. It will look perfect. Like as if this RBA was designed for this mod. If it looks good, it should vape good. Well, not really, it doesn't really affect the performance, but at least it looks good.

Both can be modified. There are Nano Kits to make your RBA look more irresistable on every vape, also Top caps that can be changed, that are different to the original Top cap or tank that came with the RBA.

Ok so done with the looks, which one will perform better? Well, to answer this, one simply says, "its the way you coil is what makes an atomizer a good vape". With the addition of knowing how the setup works also helps, alot. Other than that? Well, with a Kayfun atomizer, it has a pressure system, it will give you the perfect vape until that last drop. The Kayfun will also draw in liquid at the same time as you draw in air. On the other hand, the Taifun system works on a juice absorbing mechanism, similar to the old skool CE4 atomizers, so it will get the juice by absorbing the liquid from the liquid tank. The drawback? When you are down to your last drop, you will not get a perfect vape, you will need to fill more juice to get the nice vape back on track.

Is it easy to rebuild? Which one is easier? Taifun or Kayfun? I must say the Taifun is easier. And it will give you a leeway for error while you learn on how to rebuild your atomizer. Different to the Kayfun, you must empty out the whole tank, before you are able to disassemble the whole unit, preparing for coil rebuilds.

Taifun is king on refilling. No need for screwdrivers, simply unscrew the whole tank from the top, on an upside down position, and you can refill your juice easily, much like a protank or aerotank on a Kanger clearomizer. While on the Kayfun, you will need to use a screwdriver (included on the Kayfun clone devices, but you must carry it along with you in your vape devices bag) and open the screw on the bottom, and fill the juice. Need a needle tip to fill up the juices? Yes.

Airflow Control
Kayfun wins on Air flow control system. You can adjust the airflow to your desired draw preference. Taifun has only 1 type of airflow size. To modify it, you must drill it. And if you want to go back to having it smaller airflow? Sorry to say, but you must buy a new Taifun atomizer.

So there you go, Taifun vs Kayfun, not one is a winner, every user must have these two types of atomizer. With having these two types of atomizers, you will be able to see which one suits you better. Me personally? I have both. So should you! Take the best of both worlds!