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Here we offer Personal Vaporizer products for everyone from first time e-cigarette users to seasoned vapers. Our focus is on providing a the best selection the market has got to offer.

Because we are also vapers, we understand the needs of our customers. Our customer service is world-class, all inquiries are answered in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is our top priority. That's also why we use every product we sell to make sure we only offer the best products to our customers.

Browse through our selection of vast assortment of starting from starter kits, advanced personal vaporizers, variable voltage devices, rebuildable atomizers, clearomizers, to eLiquids. Be sure to check the featured specials and new products for the latest deals and hot new personal vaporizer gear.

When you are ready, and if you need help on building your first rebuildable atomizer. Please do not hesitate to contact us, our contact details are on the top of this page, you can add us on LINE, WhatsApp or BlackBerry Messenger. Alternatively you can call us, but do note, that we would prefer you to message us, as we are overloaded with questions by many customers nationwide. We will attend to you as soon as possible. And we apologize if we do not answer you soon enough, but we do, within 24hours after you send us a message.

A good friend of mine Michael Soentpit (who got me into vaping) once told me, he said, "Once you go rebuild, you will never go back! The taste you get and the vapor it produces, it will leave you breathless". So there you have it, this vaping has changed my life, and he was right! I never looked back ever since.... 

Thank you for visiting Indovape, we look forward to serving you, happy vaping, keep calm and vape on!


Written by Quintonio Kalalo — July 30, 2013

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