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Once your coil starts to have a burnt taste or you get that smelly unusual tasting vape, or your atomizer starts leaking and popping, you know it is time to do a Dry Burn. Usually every 2-7 days, you will need to do this regular maintenance. Some even do it everyday to get that 100% taste. It is a process where by you will have to remove all of your cotton ( if you are doing a micro coil ), dry burn your coil, and renew your cotton. Make sure you use high quality kanthal wire, so that your coil does not break easily. High quality Kanthal Wire can have you do Dry burn maintenance for up to a month or more, so you wont need to recoil all the time. Just Dryburn, replace the cotton, and off you go!

Here is a Youtube tutorial of Dry burn by MadVapes...

Written by Quintonio Kalalo — July 02, 2014

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